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GS 9 – Request of Registration for Lower Upper CreditsGo to link
GS 13 – For of Request for Maintaining Status
GS 17 – Form of Request for Study Extension or Resume Work
GS 21 – Form of Request for Appointment or Change of Advisor
GS 23 – Proposal Submission Form Independent Study or Thesis
GS 24 – Request Form for The Title Changing of Independent Study or Thesis
GS 25 – Request Form for a Defense of Independent Study or Thesis
GS 26 – Appointment of The Defense Committee Independent or Thesis
GS 27 – Defense Result Report Form Independent Form or Thesis
GS 30 – Form of Request for Taking Examination
GS 31 – Appointment Form of The Examination Committee
GS 32 – Examination Result Form of Comprehensive Examination or Qualifying Examination

Application PackDownload / View
Enrolment Form for International StudentsDownload / View
Request for Delayed PaymentDownload / View
Form of Journal in FoNDownload / View
Turning FormDownload / View
Form of Requesting for Late or Addition Course EnrollmentDownload / View
Request for Expert AppointmentDownload / View
Request Form for Late Registration or Course Adding and Withdraw in ExtraordinaryDownload / View
MNS 2 – RRequesting for research data collecting and research data trying outequest for Taking Thesis Proposal ExaminationDownload / View
MNS 2 – Request for Taking Thesis Proposal ExaminationDownload / View
GS 14 – Form of Request for Leave of AbsenceDownload / View
GS 15 – Form of Request for ResignationDownload / View
GS 16 – Request Form for Thesis or Tndepensent Study SubmissionDownload / View
GS 20 – Form of Request for Graduation and Dept CheckingDownload / View
GS 29 – Thesis Format ChecklistDownload / View
GS 33 – Form of Request To Change Type of Study ProgramDownload / View
GS 34 – Form of Request for Major ChangeDownload / View
GS 35 – Form of Request for Changing Level of StudyDownload / View
GS 36 – Form of Request for Course Credit and Grade TransferringDownload / View
GS 38 – Thesis or Independent Study Copyright Agreement FormDownload / View