Center for Research and Development in Community Health System

   The Center of Research and Development in Community Health System  has been established for foster and facilitate research relate to community health systems and promote the development of research skill in this area to faculty, research staff, and postdoctoral trainees.

  The center was established in 2008 as mechanism to strengthen the community systems management for health. The center gas worked in close collaboration with some national and international institutes which influencing health policy nationally and globally. Those institutes include; the Thailand National Health Security Office, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Thailand Nursing and Midwifery  Council. and World Health Organization. The center gas established string network with universities in the Region including Japan. Through its capacity, the center provides technical supports to the Local Administrative Organizations all over country for the development in health care and welfare.

The center aims to:

  • Create knowledge in improving the community health system and community health care model
  • Promote knowledge and experience sharing and management
  • Build capacity of local administrative organizations and community leaders in self-management for well-being and health living
  • Support social movement for public policy development in community healthcare and welfare