Farm Ban Nouk

Today, the exchange students from Guangxi university, China, Fujita health sicnce university, Japan and Thai’s buddy students went to the farm Ban Nouk.

All students engaged in the way of life in rural of Thailand. They learnt about the sufficiently economy philosophy by the King Rama 9th.

  • There were several activities and station learning.
  • Set the fire through the charcoal stove
  • Pounding the rice with mortar mortars
  • Pottering the organic vegetable
  • Visit rice fields
  • Raising laying hens / ducks
  • Take a break and drink the fresh butterfly pea juice.
  • Make the clay house.
  • They had a delectable lunch with minced pork stir fired with basil and jasmine rice, papaya salad, fried chicken.

Special thanks for the Ban Nouk farm owners, they are alumni of faculty of nursing, KKU.