The Bachelor of Nursing Science Program: BNS Program

The BNS Program is designed to prepare graduates for professional nursing practice in hospital, community, and other health care.

   This is a 4-year program which focuses on the development of critical thinking and judgment, the understanding of holistic health and nursing practice, health system and social determinants of health, nursing and innovations of care, and communication in variety of health care settings. As graduates from Faculty of Nursing, KKU, nurses will be able to practice in variety of settings in caring for individual, familty, specific population and community across the life spans including end of life care. Applicants who have completed high school diploma from a science and mathematics based program of study are eligible to enroll in this program. Along the study, the BNS students are encouraged and supported to experience international nursing in selected international health care facilities and multicultural community, such as Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, China, and Cambodia. The students also have an opportunity to host and attend international nursing conference both in Thailand and in ASEAN countries every year. The Faculty of Nursing works together with KKU to offer full scholarships for students from neighboring countries including Cambodia and LAOS.